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Part 1

You are applying for a job at a university. Fill in the following details and submit to your  university. 

Answer the questions in 5 words maximum.   You have 3 minutes to complete this form.


    Personal Details

  1. Have you ever travelled abroad? _____________________________________________________________________________________

  2. What’s your favourite season?  _______________________________________________________________________________________

  3. How often do you go on holidays?____________________________________________________________________________________

  4. Did you do anything interesting last weekend?_________________________________________________________________________

  5. Where are you having dinner tonight?_________________________________________________________________________________

Part 2 

You are a new member of the local sports club.  Fill in the form.  Write in complete sentences.

Your text should be 20 to 30 words in length.  You have 7 minutes.

     Provide the days and times you would like the club to make the children’s pool available  and the reasons.





Part 3 

As a new member of the swimming club. You are communicating with the in a chat room. Use complete sentences when you write.  Use 30 – 40 words per answer. You have 10 minutes to complete all 3 answers.


     Librarian :  Hello,  I see that you are a new member of our swimming club. What are your reasons for joining ?

     (Maximum 40 words, 3 minutes)








     Librarian : That’s good to hear.  What types of lessons do you think are necessary and why? (Maximum 40 words, 3 minutes)


      Librarian :  The club is planning to organize events  based on the types of swimming activities our members enjoy. What do you          think of this idea?  (Maximum 40 words, 3 minutes)











Part 4   -  Task 1   Last week you received an email from your local council:


     Dear Residents,

     To improve the sports centre, work will start on a new sports hall which means the centre will be closed for a month.               May we remind you that the fee will consequently go up by 25%.

     We apologise for any inconvenience.

     Thank you.

     The Local Council.



However, the work took three months  and since then, the service has worsened significantly as the same number of staff have to deal with double the users.

Write an email to a friend, in 50 words, expressing your feelings about this situation and suggest  possible alternatives. You have 10 minutes. (Use friendly, informal English with standard spelling and punctuation.)




















Part 4   -  Task 2

Also, write an email, in 120 to 150 words, to the council explaining your feelings about the situation and suggest possible alternatives.  You have 20 minutes.

(Use formal English and remember to use appropriate salutations and closing.)

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