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Personal values and ideals 

Suggested Questions

  1. What do you think of discrimination and does it exist in your country? 

  2. In your country what is the major religious belief?

  3. If you could recycle more would you? 

  4. In your country are people losing the ability to be compassionate? 

  5. Tell me some of the personal values you have? 

  6. What things do you believe in? 

  7. What do you think would be the best thing about volunteering? 

  8. Would you like to volunteer? 

  9. What are your ambitions, hopes and fears?

  10. Are family and friends important to you?

  11. What do you think are the best and worst traits a person can have?

  12. Is there anyone (family member/friend or a famous person) that you admire for his or her values and ideals?

  13. What values do you think are important in work? (in a job)

  14. What is the worst injustice for you?

  15. Do you think that discrimination and prejudices still exist in your country?

  16. Is freedom of speech a basic human right?

  17. Do you think that the television is a means to influence young minds?

  18. What motto do you live by?

  19. What are your ambitions, hopes and fears?

  20. Is beauty better than intelligence?

  21. Wealth or health?  What is better?

  22. How do you feel when someone steps on you to reach their goals?

  23. How would you feel if a friend divulged your secret?

  24. Do you believe in "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth?

  25. How do you feel about injustice ?

  26. What can be done to help victims of terrorism?

  27. How did the Tsunami in Japan affect you?

  28. Is freedom of speech a basic human right?

  29. What is the worst injustice for you?

  30. Do you think it is moral to be prejudiced?

  31. Do you think that television is a means to indoctrinate and influence young minds?

  32. What maxim do you live by?

  33. How would you have felt if you had been a victim of a terrorist attack ?

  34. Is it good to be ambitious?  Are you?  Why could it be bad to be ambitious?

  35. What is more important to you honesty or loyalty?

  36. What do you consider a better feature,  generosity or  miserliness?

Personal Values and Ideals vocabulary

  • tolerance - consideration

  • discrimination

  • work

  • freedom - liberty

  • friendship - loyalty - honesty - trustworthiness - reliability

  • moral  -  a moral dilemma -

  • code/ creed/ ethics/ rules/ beliefs

  • family - love - respect/disrespect

  • selfish/selfless

  • environmental

  • wealth/poverty

  • ethical - moral values -principles

  • consumption - consumer society

  • compassion (for people in need/ charity)

  • environmentally-friendly

  • principles

  • honesty/dishonesty

  • betray/lie to/ double cross

  • integrity/hypocrisy

  • loyal/ trustworthy

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